Through visual communication and design based research, Carmela explores the narratives of marginalized people entrapped by man-made environmental injustices and their impact on social well-being.

I also deeply appreciate food.

But even though I love to cook, I am not a food designer, I am an artist who cares for the natural world in ways my work moves past aesthetic consumption –my skills are meant for progressive community and environmental development. Food is a resource for survival that is in constant change alongside human evolution, it is a craft in of itself ready to be shaped by anyone or thing in contact with it. Yet, what interests me is food’s multi-faceted role on accessibility, privilege and positionality. What I hope from my explorations in bookmaking, paper, typography, and graphic design is to captivate a willing audience hungry for change.

Carmela is a graduate of Parsons School of Design where she studied Integrated Design with a concentration in Social Practice and minor in communication design.